Spreadsheets: Start to finish

  • Microsoft Excel playlist | Oxford only | v. 2013

This "boot camp" is for those who need to quickly get up to speed working with spreadsheets. It brings together topics covered in our separate spreadsheet courses into an immersive 2-day session taking the user from fundamentals of general good practice through handling inherited files and designing robust spreadsheets for use by others to guidance on specific topics such as charts, lookups and Pivot Tables.

The pre-course playlist will help you prepare for the classroom session.

The videos in the playlist run to a combined total of 20 minutes and will take you through the topics you need to be confident with before attending the session. You can watch them in more than one sitting if you prefer. If this is the first time you have visited Lynda.com, there is a short registration process.

When you see the playlist - a list of videos in Lynda.com - use the button to Copy the playlist. This will help you to watch just the videos that your teacher recommends.