Research: Analysing the problem

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Before you can start on your research or any part of it, you need to define what it is you will be researching and how you intend to do that. It is important to analyse your research question so you can design a plan for how you are going to approach the research.

Mindmapping - organising your thoughts

A mind map shows the ideas and concepts generated around a single central idea, with the purpose of organising them into thematic (semantic) groups. It thus has a structure similar to the roots of a tree.

Concept mapping

A concept map is a graphic tool for organising knowledge, showing relationships among concepts, ideas and aid creativity. It shows the relationship between entities (or nodes), using arrows which may be annotated to describe the nature of the relationship ("has", "causes"; etc.).

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards combine the functions of a traditional whiteboard (on which you can write/draw and erase) and a computer, which will allow you to save your writing in digital format.

Project management

A number of software tools are available for carrying out a more formal management of a project.