Research: Published and unpublished materials

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As a research student it will be important to you to find published and unpublished materials such as articles, papers, books, theses and primary research materials to support your research.

Finding library materials in Oxford and beyond

Locating books, journals, e-resources and other materials for your research can be trickier than you might think. Library catalogues are the first place to start with this task and are often intuitive to use. However, learning to use library catalogues effectively will improve your search results and save you time.

Conducting a literature review

As a research student you will want to complete a thorough review of the literature in your research field, to find both analysis and comment on your research topics and primary materials such as data and original research.

Searching for articles and papers using bibliographic databases

The most effective way to find articles and papers in your research field is to use bibliographic databases in your subject area. These will perform a wide search over large numbers of journals and other materials and allow advanced searching.

Google Scholar can also be useful for finding articles for your subject. However, it lacks the coverage and advanced search capabilities of many bibliographic data databases

Keeping up-to-date with research

Keeping up to date with new publications and papers in your research area is a vital but time consuming task, particularly as you approach your submission date.  Setting up database alerts, saved searches and RSS feed so that information about new publications and conferences comes to you, makes it much easier.

Measuring research impact and tracking citations

Measuring research impact is important because it helps you to:

  • identify highly-cited journals, papers and authors in your research field
  • choose which journals to read and publish in