Databases: Choosing software

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Download a tool to help you choose which software to use, for your database project.

There is a variety of software available, for building databases. The best choice for your work will depend on a number of factors.

This downloadable Chooser tool may help you decide which to consider. Here, you will select the features that will be important in your project, and the Chooser suggests database software that might be suitable.


  • This Chooser tool is itself a database, created using Access, so you need Access installed on your computer to run it
  • It includes several well-known database software options, but is not comprehensive - if one you are interested in seems to be missing, please let us know
  • Be aware that it uses macros to run, so you may be prompted to save it in a trusted location - such as your Documents/MyDocuments folder.
  • The Chooser is currently at the beta-testing stage, and is provided for your interest on a best-efforts basis. We have tested it fairly widely, but you use it at your own risk. Do email us with your comments, about its usability and its relevance to your work.