e-theses: Oxford Research Archive

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ORA is a permanent and secure archive of the University which preserves an array of research publications, journal articles, conference papers, working papers, theses, reports, book sections and more. Unpublished academic work is also deposited into ORA, maximising the University's research output.  

The abstracts and full-text of many of these items are publically accessible on an open access basis.

Some of the benefits of ORA include:

  • Dissemination – Depositing research outputs in ORA maximises their visibility and makes them easily accessible.
  • Open Access Requirement – Many funders now require research outputs to be made available on an Open Access basis. Depositing in ORA is a good way of fulfilling these requirements.
  • Archiving – ORA will preserve your research for the future.

All DPhil students and some Masters students (especially Masters by research) are required to deposit a copy of their thesis in ORA.  This will become publicly available on the web after an embargo period of three years, although you can apply for your thesis to be embargoed for longer (or even permanently if necessary).