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  1. learning pathway | Publicly viewable

    Preparing a paper, creating a presentation and designing a poster for a conference can all be daunting activities, but by planning ahead and getting some basic skills, the process can run more smoothly. The IT Learning Programme has courses that will give you all the skills.

  2. course pack | Oxford only | v. CS6

    This course follows on from Illustrator: An introduction and focuses on Illustrator's creative tools. You will work with advanced tools and techniques allowing you to create more sophisticated illustrations.

  3. course pack | Publicly viewable

    Does your research paper or departmental web site need eye-catching illustrations? Do you have data that needs to be clearly presented?

  4. playlist | Oxford only

    Playlists for a workshop covering the workflow for managing digital illustrations.

  5. course pack | Publicly viewable

    Podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files (such as audio programs or music videos) over the Internet, for playback on mobile devices and computers. In this session aimed at novices, we will record, edit and publish an educational podcast using Audacity the simple, free audio editor.

  6. course pack | Oxford only

    Does your research paper or departmental web site need eye-catching images?

  7. course pack | Oxford only

    Does your research paper or departmental web site need eye-catching 3D visuals?

  8. course pack | Publicly viewable

    This course will teach you the basics of producing and shooting a professional-looking short video.

  9. course pack | Publicly viewable

    A practical introduction to the creation of a video

  10. course pack | Publicly viewable

    You can dramatically improve the videos you take with a mobile phone, with a few tips and tricks from the professionals

  11. course pack | Publicly viewable

    If you've ever wondered how to turn your video footage into a polished short film with titles, transitions and background music, come along and find out how easy it is to do on a Mac with iMovie! Learn the basic editing skills to produce a wide variety of projects to suit your needs.

  12. video | Publicly viewable

    This video shows you the basic workflow involved in editing video on a computer to make a finished project

  13. software | Publicly viewable

    By logging into Facebook one can use chat tools, discussion boards, image galleries etc. Think how you could use Facebook in your academic context.

  14. software | Publicly viewable

    iLife is a set of applications for working with multimedia (images, audio, video) on Mac/Apple computers

  15. playlist | Oxford only

    Clips to introduce mobile filming

  16. playlist | Oxford only

    Watch these videos to prepare for the workshop: Create an online presence with WordPress.

  17. course pack | Publicly viewable

    Inkscape is a free cross-platform program used for creating illustrations such as diagrams, technical drawings, maps and logos. It has similar features to Illustrator.