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    Preparing a paper, creating a presentation and designing a poster for a conference can all be daunting activities, but by planning ahead and getting some basic skills, the process can run more smoothly. The IT Learning Programme has courses that will give you all the skills.

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    LaTeX is a typesetting system, most often used for technical or scientific documents

  3. course pack | Oxford only

    LaTeX is a document preparation system that produces far better-looking output than any word processor.
    LaTeX is ideal for producing well-structured documents particularly those containing scientific formulae, mathematical proofs or computer programs, without getting bogged down in design.

  4. course pack | Oxford only

    This course follows 'LaTeX: Introduction' and aims to introduce more advanced techniques such as managing longer documents, creating slideshows, exploring packages and solving problems.

  5. article | Publicly viewable | v. X8

    EndNote is widely used with Microsoft Word, but it can be used with a range of other word-processors with Windows or Mac OS or LaTeX. Read about working with other word-processors.

  6. playlist | Oxford only | v. 2013

    Some clips to show the wordprocessor's functionality in a formal document setting

  7. article | Publicly viewable

    Download a filter to help you import BibTeX files into EndNote and a style for outputting EndNote references in BibTeX format (suitable for ORCID uploading)