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  1. course pack | Publicly viewable

    This module is for those with no programming experience who either want/need to take one of our programming courses, or who are just curious about some of the concepts involved in programming.

  2. course pack | Publicly viewable

    This session provides a non-technical introduction to the basic principles and mechanics underlying work in any computer language and gives general guidance in what to look for when evaluating project proposals and coding progress.

  3. video | Publicly viewable

    A video illustrating some key issues in research data management – and why these matter

  4. website | Publicly viewable

    Visit the Research Data Oxford website provided by the University's Research Services.

  5. on-line course | Publicly viewable

    A free interactive course covering key research data management issues, designed for doctoral students and anyone else planning a project using digital data.

  6. software | Publicly viewable

    Dropbox is a file synchronisation service

  7. article | Publicly viewable

    Naming your files accurately and clearly can save you time when searching for documents later, and avoid confusion.

  8. software | Publicly viewable

    An open source version control system that can be used for document management

  9. software | Publicly viewable

    4shared is an online storage facility where registered users can store their text, audio, video, photo, and other files

  10. playlist | Oxford only | v. 2013

    Essential Excel skills to be comfortable with before attending this course.

  11. article | Oxford only

    An EndNote style file that you can download and use with documents for Oxford University.

  12. course pack | Oxford only

    Keeping track of all the information used in the course of a research project can be time consuming, difficult, or just plain dull. This course aims to help you identify the way of organising material that works best for you, and to outline some strategies for doing this as painlessly as possible.

  13. course pack | Oxford only | v. 2013

    This session provides an introduction to effective tools and techniques for planning, creating and maintaining spreadsheets. It shows you how to find and solve existing errors as well as introducing procedures that prevent new errors arising. The session also explains how to evaluate and “tame” a spreadsheet that you inherit so that you can deploy it effectively.

  14. article | Publicly viewable | v. X8

    EndNote can connect to the CrossRef service - get the updated connection file

  15. course pack | Oxford only

    The Hierarchical File Server (HFS) is a university-wide backup service, open to all postgraduates and all staff. This course will give you an introduction to backing up your data to the HFS, using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software.

  16. playlist | Oxford only | v. 2013

    Some clips to show the wordprocessor's functionality in a formal document setting

  17. course pack | Oxford only

    “First to mind when asked what ‘the cloud’ is, a majority respond it’s either an actual cloud, the sky, or something related to weather.” - Citrix Cloud Survey Guide (August 2012)

  18. video | Publicly viewable is a free web application which you can use to create mind maps online

  19. on-line course | Publicly viewable is a free web application which you can use to create mind maps online

  20. article | Publicly viewable

    An article that helps you think about structuring your research data and ensuring that it's properly documented

  21. software | Publicly viewable is a free web application which you can use to create mind maps online

  22. article | Publicly viewable

    Download a referencing output style for History at Oxford

  23. software | Publicly viewable

    AllMyNotes Organizer is a personal information management application

  24. article | Publicly viewable

    The main legal citation style in the UK is the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). A corresponding output style can be downloaded and included in EndNote's repertoire of styles.

  25. article | Oxford only

    EndNote has a Find Full Text tool which can seek the full text of a paper or journal article, typically as a PDF file. Some settings are given here, which can help.

  26. software | Oxford only

    Keep your data safe and protect it from being corrupted or accidentally deleted, using Oxford's free HFS service

  27. article | Publicly viewable | v. X8

    Exercises in this course ask you to visit certain websites. Clickable web addresses are given here, so that you can go directly to them.

  28. course pack | Oxford only | v. 2013

    This one-day course will provide an introduction to MS Project 2013.

  29. article | Publicly viewable | v. 2010

    Learn where to save your custom templates, and where to look to find the important Normal template (separate guide for using Word with Windows7 or with Mac Mountain Lion OS7).

  30. course pack | Oxford only

    WebLearn is a web-based Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which provides tools to support teaching and learning, assessment, collaboration, communication and sharing of resources.

  31. course pack | Publicly viewable

    If you've ever wondered how to turn your video footage into a polished short film with titles, transitions and background music, come along and find out how easy it is to do on a Mac with iMovie! Learn the basic editing skills to produce a wide variety of projects to suit your needs.

  32. course pack | Publicly viewable

    Podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files (such as audio programs or music videos) over the Internet, for playback on mobile devices and computers. In this session aimed at novices, we will record, edit and publish an educational podcast using Audacity the simple, free audio editor.

  33. course pack | Oxford only

    PHP is a widely used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

  34. course pack | Publicly viewable

    Creating an online presence can open up your research and teaching (or any interest!) to a global audience and is now essential in promoting yourself professionally to the outside world

  35. course pack | Publicly viewable

    This course will teach you the basics of producing and shooting a professional-looking short video.

  36. course pack | Publicly viewable

    Creating an online presence can open up your research and teaching (or any interest!) to a global audience and is now essential in promoting yourself professionally to the outside world. This 3-hour workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to online presence and also gives a supported environment for you to plan, create, and add to your own projects.

  37. article | Publicly viewable

    Think about ways of keeping track of the different versions of a document as it is repeatedly revised

  38. article | Publicly viewable

    Ways of making sure that your data is kept safe

  39. hands-on task | Publicly viewable

    Try out the snip tool to take a quick screen capture, for example so as to report an error message that has appeared

  40. course pack | Oxford only

    This course covers many of the most commonly used and most useful commands for more complex (and more realistic) data manipulation and analysis

  41. article | Publicly viewable

    If part of your EndNote library gets lost or corrupted, there is a chance you can recover the library.
    Read the steps - and resolve to keep backup copies from now on!

  42. article | Oxford only

    You can download some connection files which have been configured specifically for users who are members of Oxford University.

  43. article | Publicly viewable

    You do this in your thesis and published papers, of course, but there are many other ways you can share your results.