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  1. learning pathway | Publicly viewable

    Relational databases can provide a powerful way of managing your data, and there is a wide range of learning material available to help you learn to use it. Our databases teacher suggests pathways to lead you through the resources you need.

  2. course pack | Oxford only

    Learn about producing documents in PDF (Portable Document Format), a universal file format that preserves all of the fonts and layout of the original document. We will first learn how PDF files are created and look at formatting and manipulation of PDFs. We will then discuss annotating PDFs and completing PDF forms.

  3. playlist | Oxford only

    This online course compares the three editions of Adobe Acobat XI, and gives an overview of what you can do with the tool. It demonstrates the basics of working with PDFs: how to create, combine, edit, export, and review documents. It also shows how PDFs integrate with Microsoft Office applications and introduces the basics of working with forms. This course takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

  4. course pack | Publicly viewable | v. 2013

    This course shows you how to build a user interface consisting of a set of forms, clearly laid out and helpfully formatted, along with tools for easy and quick navigation, using Access

  5. article | Publicly viewable

    A relational database is a means of storing, manipulating, and analysing structured data that represents the relationship between items. Learn about how they work, and how design a database, sort data and create forms.

  6. article | Publicly viewable | v. 2010

    This article explains how to create a Word document where users can only type/edit in areas that you have chosen.

    An alternative to building a form, this simple method gives a document where users can format their own text as they prefer.

  7. course pack | Publicly viewable | v. 2013

    Use Word to carry out a mail merge - sending a standard letter to many recipients, with personalised content. A hands-on course for administrative support staff.

  8. playlist | Oxford only | v. 2013

    Videos to help you create useful and workable reports in a database

  9. article | Publicly viewable | v. 2010

    Ways to protect your data against accidental or malicious mis-editing, or to conceal it from unauthorised view

  10. course pack | Oxford only

    PHP is a widely used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

  11. article | Oxford only

    Different file sharing services have different sets of functions and what you can do will vary between them.

  12. software | Publicly viewable

    FileMaker Pro is easy to use database software for the Mac, Windows and other platforms

  13. course pack | Oxford only

    In this course you will learn how to use Adobe Captivate to create quizzes to assess student learning using a series of graded questions. The result from the quiz is immediately returned to the user and passed to a Google form allowing all results to be analysed online.